My Tennessee

by C. Vaughn Leslie and Boys' Night Out, ft. Clifford Curry

My Tennessee is the second release from C. Vaughn Leslie & Boys' Night Out. The two-song CD represents something of a departure from their usual work, but it still has the unique soul/R&B sound that has kept this band playing for more than 30 years. The title song, My Tennessee, was originally written by John Bean, who you may know as the star of the infamous "Whoop A**" tapes that have "gone viral" around the world. You won't hear that kind of language here, however. My Tennessee is a beautiful and sensitive ode to the state we love so much, given the special "Boys' Night Out" treatment, with additional lyrics by C. Vaughn Leslie. If it doesn't put tears in your eyes and a lump in your throat, then you must be from somewhere else.

Coach Pearl is the Best in the World was written by Knoxville's own Clifford Curry, famous for such Carolina Beach Music hits as She Shot a Hole in My Soul and Baby Won't You Shag With Me. This time, Clifford turns his writing and vocal talents to the exaltation of Coach Bruce Pearl, who led the University of Tennessee Vols men's basketball team to victory on the court. Clifford sings Coach Pearl's praises and explains exactly why he is the best in the world. With the backing of the Boys' Night Out horn and rhythm sections, this song will keep you on your feet with your toes tapping!